Are you a small business or a trader and you want to promote your product or service?. Whether you are looking for a short or long term campaign.
Then Cofton Hackett Radio could help you by producing your advert for you. This can even be in a foreign language if so required. The advert can be tailored to the audience you are looking for. All at very competitive prices, yes very low prices.

Option 1 : Airplay / Broadcast
Your advert will be played every hour for a month, 24 times a day for 30 days = 720 times a month
Cost: £60 per month

Option 2 : Website
Your advert will be on the front page of the website for a month
Cost: £25 month

Option 3 : Combined Airplay/Broadcast and Website
Cost: £70 per month

Option 4 : Programme/Show Sponsorship
This includes 2 promotion plays per hour for the show you are sponsoring. These will be played at the beginning and half past the hour
Cost: £20 per Programme/Show

Discounts are given on regular advertising over one month, ask for details. For further details and to book your Airplay/Broadcast – Website advertising or Programme/Show Sponsorship with Cofton Hackett Radio please contact John McQuaid.

The Facts

Wherever and whenever people want to consume music and entertainment; we’re there on FM, DAB and online. Our target audience of 18 to 99 year olds is a compelling reason to make us part of your advertising mix. These consumers traditionally have a high disposable income, a discerning attitude and we make it our business to impress them on a day to day basis. Listeners are the decision makers in life, but still fun loving and risk taking. We are in their homes, their workplace, their cars and their heads – and we can get your message out to them.

The facts speak for themselves: 
Radio is the fastest growing medium, with its 12.5% growth putting it ahead of the entire market – including the Internet.
89% of adults regularly listen to the radio every week, with 61% of all listening now done via a digital or online platform.
30% of adults (and 41% of under 25’s) actively engage with their radio station online, primarily through social media
70% of listening is done in the home, whilst 64% of people consume
radio on the move and 24% in the office.